DIVINITY SANS 1.1 update!

hey all!

so first of all, at some point this typeface passed 100 downloads, woah!! while i don't know what "doing well" means in the case of
a free typeface inspired by an actual play podcast, that is so so so cool to me. thanks so much to everyone who's downloaded it, i hope it has served you well.

in more important news, i fixed some stuff! i redid all the kerning for both regular and italic, and added an OTF version. when i first put the font out, i really rushed the kerning, and in my opinion it really showed in paragraphs. it is still more of a display font, but it looks significantly better at smaller sizes, now. moreover, even at larger sizes this will let you spend less time on fiddling with kerning and more time looking (imo) sick as shit.

finally, if you have downloaded this typeface and like it, consider leaving a rating! that helps a ton with discoverability.

thank you all again so much,

j fischer / of_eidolons


1.1_DivinityTTF.zip 24 kB
Jan 27, 2021
1.1_DivinityOTF.zip 26 kB
Jan 27, 2021


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